Hi Everyone…. This is Kevin Ryan coming at you with a New Web Site! I have created many cool products in the past.. The Steelin from the steel vid…. The 2 JayDee Maness instructional vids  ”Get Inside with JayDee Maness and Further Inside with JayDee Maness”… Also the Nashville Wire I did for Sony and of course the 101 Hot and Sassy steel licks and 101 part 2, Hotter and Sassy-er steel licks and much more…So take a look!!

I have been playing the pedal steel since the early 70′s and it has taken me all over the world. I love this instrument and feel extremely privileged to be a part of this wonderful community. In the early 90′s, 93 to be exact, I got involved with the internet, programming and developing multi media.. AOL was just launching and Netscape was the preferred and really only browser… Maybe some of you remember the lick exchange site site I did with my brother Bob….a tremendous guitar player…. called clublickit…. It was the first of it’s kind where we posted clickable tabs of pedal steel and guitar with the licks actually playing using Real Audio 1.0… Remember Real Audio!

Here’s a fun solo I played…..Actually the picture above is where I recorded this piece. Have fun with it. I have include the tab and audio for this solo in the Part 1 and Part 2 combined package. Hope you enjoy!

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Here’s some samples
Steelin Jeff Beck
Live Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Poor Poor Pitiful Me
Eddie Rabbit On the other hand
Alan Jackson Remember When
Jackson Browne Running on empty
Ray Stevens Misty
Clint Eastwood and Merle Haggard Bar-Room buddies
Commander Cody 18 Wheels
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